Pastor Search Update

January 20, 2013- Pastoral Update

Pastor Harry Kennedy was approved by the church members to be the new head pastor of Coastal Community Church.

December 23, 2012- Pastoral Update

Although some time has passed since we last updated the pastor search progress, the committee work has continued to move forward. We have spent the last several weeks reviewing resumes, and holding preliminary interviews with some potential pastoral candidates. We have narrowed our search down to one candidate, who has stuck out above the others.We have scheduled the candidate to come speak on December 30th and January 20th. In order to decide whether or not we would like to move forward with this candidate, we will be having a signed ballot vote, for all members, after both services on January 20th. As we move into this next phase of the search, we are trusting God, as He continues to lead us through this process. Although this process has been long, this it is also a very exciting time for us, and for our Church. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support.

June 10, 2012 – Pastoral Update
The pastor search committee would like to thank everyone for your prayers, and ask that you continue to pray for us as we go through the process of finding God’s man for our church. We have been speaking with the pastoral candidates on a “get to know them” basis, and have been sharing with them the state of the church, both present and past. We have asked the candidates to pray about this opportunity and for God’s wisdom and guidance. We appreciate the support and patience of the church, and church leadership, during this time. We are asking God to open the doors He wants opened, and to close the ones He doesn’t. We ask you all to join us in that prayer. We know all things will work according to God’s design and timing.

February 26, 2012- Pastoral Update

We have received over 500 resumes, and have gone through and filtered them down to a “short list” of candidates.

Each of these candidates has been notified that they are on our “short list” and to verify they are still available.

We all have the same candidates information (resumes, video sermons etc.) and we are reviewing them as a group (in our meetings) as well as individually on our own time.

We are hearing a lot of preaching in a week. (LOL)

Some specifics you can pray for:

1. Please pray for our families- we know you are praying for us and we appreciate it but our families also need your prayers as well. They are giving up a lot of their time as we spend the time necessary to go through this process.

2. Please pray for God’s wisdom and discernment as we continue reviewing and looking at these candidates.

3. Please pray for the man and his family that God has for Coastal, pray that He opens the avenues for them to come to Coastal.

4. Please pray for patience for the church with this process. We as a committee, know that you want to know “when will we have a pastor” just as we do.

We all know that if it isn’t in God’s timing then it isn’t right.

January 8, 2012- Pastoral Update:

We want to thank all of you who are praying for us and ask for your continued prayer as we seek God’s man for Coastal.  We have adopted Acts 1:24-25 as our committee scripture and would like to encourage you all as well to read this scripture as God leads us through this process.  We have turned off the posts on the job position websites so we are not accepting further resumes.  We received well over 500 resumes for the pastor position here at Coastal.  We have begun filtering through these resumes.  We ask you all for your continued prayer and patients as we do so.  This is a lot of information to go through and digest to get to the man God has called here to Coastal, but with your prayers and continued support IT WILL HAPPEN.  Thank you all and may you all have a safe and Happy New Year.

Coastal Community Church

Pastor Search Committee

October 30, 2011- Pastoral Survey

 Please fill out a survey so we know what you are looking for in our next pastor. Currently we are still accepting the survey, so please get them in as soon as you can. We will be looking through the surveys on November 20th.  We really need your input because your voice is important.  We are still accepting resumes for the pastoral job opening, and we will continue to accept them through the end of  the year.

October 18, 2011-Pastoral Search Committee

We are currently accepting resumes for the head pastor position here at Coastal Community Church.  You can apply for the position through fax or the following websites :




” We are a newer and growing fellowship of believers looking for a pastor to partner with us in becoming a true Acts 2 church. We are looking for a pastor who will lead us in: the teaching of the Word; the warm fellowship of believers; aggressive, faith-filled prayer; exuberant praise and worship; constantly seeking the leadership and presence of the Holy Spirit; creatively and genuinely reaching out to the non-believers in our community; experiencing worship in a fresh new way; developing and discipling the community of believers. That is a big vision but we believe with all of our hearts that we serve a BIG God and this is what God has called us to be. We have the leadership and vision and workers who will unite under the power of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of God’s pastor to see great things accomplished for the Kingdom in Cocoa, Fl. We are looking for a person with great faith and with a deep and consistent prayer life. A person who loves Jesus and people. A person who can minister to the whole family. A person who is dedicated to preaching the Word without compromise. A person who is a shepherd to the flock in their time of need. A person with vision and the ability to unite and motivate the congregation around that vision. A person who has strong organizational skills to keep our ministries focused with dynamic, trained leaders. A person committed to clear communication and is familiar with all new communication modes including email, Facebook, Twitter and whatever else we need to get the love of Jesus communicated to our fellowship and community. Also, someone who has a passion for establishing and building home groups because they are where true discipleship and accountability happen. And a sense of humor would be really nice! We would love for you to send your resume with a personal letter sharing who you are and your personal testimony and vision for what church should be.”JOB OVERVIEW:

• Provide overall leadership in conjunction with the Elder Board to the Body as a whole.

• Grow and develop leaders to do the work of the ministry (through preaching, teaching, mentoring, and relationship building).

• Preach at our Saturday night and Sunday morning services

• Supervise staff for youth, small groups, missions, children, financial, music, and connections departments.

• Team leader that crosses ministry “territories” to assist in implementing the church vision. This is a talented body and Elder board looking for a Spirit led leader to partner with them to fulfill God’s call on our lives.

• Build ministries based on our goal of seeing people become disciple makers, who impact the community by reaching the lost and showing compassion through the love of Christ.

• Be wiling to lead a small group.


• College/Seminary degree OR Equivalent Experience

• Passion to develop leaders and release them to do the ministry

• Ability to cast vision, recruit and build teams, develop and direct staff and ministry leaders

• Possess a passion for impacting the local community

• Passion & compassion for the Body

September 2, 2011- Membership meeting

We will be having a membership meeting following the 2nd service on September 18th. This is an important meeting for all members of the church to attend.  We will be discussing the process the church will be going through in the upcoming months and address and issues that the congregation may have regarding the next steps in this process.  We would love to see all of you there.  Have a great week and may God bless.

August 22, 2011- Update from the leadership.

We want to thank you for your patince in the process that we are currently undergoinging. We know that this is a very difficult time for the church. We want to let everyone know that we are prayerfully seeking God’s direction on what the next steps should be for our church. The staff and leaders of the church will be meeting with other churchers this week who have been through a similar process to formulate a plan of action. We believe that our next step is the formation of a pastoral search committee of men and women who are truly seeking God in every area of their lives. This committee will understand the difficulties and heavy responsibility that will be placed on them and will be encouraged to be in faithful prayer and fasting through this process. This may be a lengthy process and may take several months or longer. We want to be open with the congregation through this process and will do everything to communicate with you as clearly as we can.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18 “So we do not lose heart. Through our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient , but the things that are unseen are eternal.”  We love you and appreciate your continue dedication to the cause of Christ! – Leadership