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What is the importance of doing mission work around the world?

We were born by God’s purpose and for God’s purpose. To show God’s love, and to give through serving others. Here at Coastal, that’s exactly what we try to do. Our goal, as a Church, is to motivate and empower individuals to live out Christ’s command in making disciples of all nations, whether that be around the community of Port St. John, or in a small village of a third world country. International mission trips provide a great opportunity for spreading the good news, to a group of people, who are so desperately in need of hearing about God’s grace. As a part of the Coastal Missions Program, we strive to not only serve in the mission field of our community, but to also travel outside the country to meet the needs of those most often confronted with issues like starvation, disease, and other life-threatening issues.

We know firsthand the power that comes from believers stepping out in faith to grow the Kingdom of God. That is why Coastal Community Church is actively engaged in our community and and our world through evangelism and service. Pastor Tracy Claytor oversees both the local and global mission projects that we have at Coastal. Our international mission teams have gone to the Bahamas, Haiti, Guatemala, and Peru. It is our hope that more doors will open in the future, so that, we have the chance to spread the Word of God to as many countries as possible! If you have any questions or want to be involved in Global Missions in any way please feel free to contact Tracy either by e-mail or phone at 321-639-7346.

Global Missions Projects

Coastal Community Church is in the process of forming a new Global Missions Strategy. Our goal will be to establish two partnerships with a gospel centered focus. These partnerships will be relational in nature as we seek to build Christian community within the global Kingdom of believers and make new disciples in the process. Currently we have one partnership secure with Ministry of Hope Peru. We are excited for the future of this partnership and look forward to seeing disciples made through this Kingdom work.

About Ministry of Hope Peru

In the villages located around Arequipa, Peru, there are so many who have never heard the clear message of salvation. Ministry of Hope is about reaching the lost. We do this through Bible studies, children and youth ministries, Sunday services, vacation Bible school, evangelistic campaigns, and kid´s camp. A large part of our ministry entails building, or improving, the physical buildings of the churches.