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Coastal’s “Four Pillars”


Worship doesn’t just happen Sunday mornings.  Worship is a lifestyle of giving God the glory and honor that He’s due.  It’s lifting high the name of Jesus, declaring to the world that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Worship is our response to who God is.  Here at Coastal, worship is at the core of all we do.


Every person here at Coastal represents a family that is loved and cherished by God.  We desire to see every family in our church be encouraged and equipped to make Christ the center of their homes and their lives.  We are one church family made up of many, and we strive to see each of our families thrive in who God has created them to be for His glory and their joy.


Being in a Community Group is the best way to get plugged into the heart of who we are here at Coastal.  As followers of Jesus, we are above all else called to make disciples who go and make disciples here and among the nations.  God designed this to happen most effectively inside relationships marked by intentionality and rooted in God’s word.  Its where we learn how to be people who don’t just “go” to church, but instead actively live out our calling to “be” the church in our homes, our communities, and around the world.


God’s heart is for every person from every tribe, nation, and tongue to hear the truth of the Gospel.  The Church, both local and global, is God’s primary mechanism for making His Name known among the nations.  At Coastal, we are a gathered and sent people who strive to live with an urgency for the gospel to be heard by all peoples.  As we gather, we grow and mature in Christ, and this spiritual maturity leads us to live missionally in every aspect of our lives for the glory of God here and among the nations.